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The Friendship Episode

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The Friendship Episode

Voice Notes from a Friend #3

Hello loves, welcome back to Voice Notes from a Friend.

How you guys doing? I have been wanting to record this for ages and there was something blocking me. I just wasn't getting it done and I felt bad about not sending you an audio this month. I know you guys know me and get me and probably have a vague idea of what's happening in my world because I do talk about it in my regular newsletters and sometimes on Instagram, but still, I wanted to give you a catch up on what's going on and how I'm doing and why I feel really discombobulated. 

I fully intended for this episode to be about friendship [and it is!]. That's what I really want to talk about. When I was looking at the notes I'd made in a notebook I'm doing this weird thing where I'm looking at the page, but I can't read it. Do you ever do that? I don't think it's a neurodivergent thing. I don't have particularly messy handwriting, but I'm looking at the page and it's just squiggles. Very strange. I can't read my writing, so that tells me I have to freestyle. So that's what I'm going to do. 

This episode is probably going to bring you inside my brain more than ever. So yay! Enjoy that ;-)

Okay, at the moment I'm having some health stuff going on and it's just making me feel like I'm on red alert all the time and it's very distracting. 

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